Reviews from the Gorge Show! 

Pictures from The Gorge Show, August 19, 2000.


All the good stuff on the Who is at

Driving across the country for the Who, and the girls were going to NSYNC!!  But as we got to Chicago on Friday night, the storms were rolling through the area, and the no strings stage that the NSYNC guys were proposing was blown down.  So the girls missed their Sunday show, but I was on to the Who!!!  (PS, the girls did get their money back from Ticketmaster).  

And I read their review, and I agree...  But my seats that I bought for my brother were behind a column in Chicago, so I had to tell Ticketmaster that they suck!  But check out the Gorge show pictures!

 And Ticketmaster told me so what, they don't say where the tickets are and what they cost.  All I can say is play their game, and get the best tickets!!  So I e-mail the World Theater and they said "Sorry for the inconvenience!!"  So I ended up in lawn seats, and everyone was on their feet the whole time!  Twenty songs, two hours and twenty minutes!  This is from thewho site.

25.06.2000 Chicago, IL, The World Theater
With Zak Starkey on drums and John Bundrick on keyboards. Ronald A. Kiska send brief comments: ªOverall the band was in extremely good spirits and the show opened with Pete taking a video of the crowd before launching into I Can't Explain. (He also took video during the synth break in Won't Get Fooled). The band got a little lost in The Relay. The Seeker and I Don't Even Know Myself were great (Pete stated that Roger was the one who suggested I Don't Even Know Myself). Pete's guitar strap let go in the middle of Getting In Tune. Magic Bus and 5:15 were by far the highlights of the show. Magic Bus ended very much like Live At Leeds with Pete, Roger, John and Zak really jamming away and 5:15 had great solos by John and Pete. The only drawback was the mix was a little too much on the bassy side and at times it was difficult to hear Pete's guitar and Roger's vocals. Overall, great show!´
I Can't Explain, Substitute, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, The Relay, My Wife, Baba O'Riley, The Seeker, I Don't Even Know Myself, Getting In Tune, Pinball Wizard, The Real Me, Magic Bus, Behind Blue Eyes, You Better You Bet, Who Are You, 5:15, Won't Get Fooled Again, The Kids Are Alright (Roger on acoustic), Lets See Action, My Generation.

I was holding the new set by Pete Townshend the whole time, because there were just five sets of the Lifehouse set of 6 CD's when I got there, and I figured it was easier than sending Pete money to his website at  Great set that I've been listening to since I've gotten home, with demos, remixes and his play that was presented on BBC.  

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